Georgia has moved into 9th place in terms of simplicity of doing business

The President of Georgia, who is currently attending the World Energy Forum in Dubai, spoke about the new ratings of the World Bank according to which Georgia has moved into 9th place in terms of simplicity of doing business.

“Another major thing has happened for our country. It is the new rating of the World Bank in terms of simplicity of doing business. The World Bank has its own criteria regarding whether it is simple to do business in Georgia, and the rest of the world. We were in 141st place during Shevardnadze’s government, and we had moved to 16th place last year as a result of all the reforms we had implemented. Only a few post soviet countries are in the top one hundred and Georgia is in 9th place now. Singapore –one of the world’s most successful and richest countries, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain and South Korea are ahead of us in this regard. Georgia is next and then comes Australia. This is reality. Russia has 100 times more money than us, and despite all of its attempts and propaganda they were not able to be in the top 100 countries. It is incredible to lower taxes in Georgia because we already have one of the lowest tax rates in the world, and the coalition members have already admitted that. According to the World Bank data, Georgia is one of the best places in the world in terms of doing business. This means that there is no pressure of corruption on business in Georgia. This means that there was no administrative or governmental pressure in Georgia. This means that nobody was taking shares from the government, and more over from the Presidential Administration. We did everything in order to have freedom in Georgia. We do not have oil and gas. Investments, more simplicity of doing business, retaining a non corrupt environment as well as low levels of crime are our only resource, and if Georgia can achieve this then we will have a chance to have more progress. I don’t know whether it is possible to improve our rating because we are already in the top league but we can achieve further successes in many other directions. I would like the successful rehabilitation process to continue in Georgia. I would like the parliamentary opposition to agree with the government on the issues that they should. Being so high, in terms of simplicity of doing business, in the rating is an incredible miracle. I would like for us to retain all of these results and not demolish anything. Demolition is easy but building is hard. I would like this process to continue. I will keep traveling the world and popularizing Georgia so that money is invested in our country, more businessmen arrive, more tourists arrive and Georgian people live better. There is no better recipe for improving the quality of life in Georgia” – stated the President of Georgia.

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