Mikheil Saakashvili: “I would like the progress of Georgia to continue”

Before leaving for Bucharest, the President of Georgia made a comment regarding confirmation of the new government. Mikheil Saakashvili noted that it must end as soon as possible within the constitutionally given deadlines. The Head of State once again stated that he is ready for cooperating with the government staffed with the force elected by the majority of the Georgian population.

“The candidate for Prime Minister of Georgia presented the government cabinet today, as it is provided by our constitution. We are not talking about whether I like the new government as the President or a politician. The thing is that this is the Georgian people’s choice and we will cooperate with any government which is represented by a coalition that won the elections with a majority of votes. This is why we will send this cabinet to the Parliament, and I hope they will gather soon and go through every procedure and confirm it in a timely fashion. We have to go through all the procedures named in the constitution, as soon as possible, so that the Parliament gathers soon and confirms the new government cabinet. I would like the promises given to the Georgian people, by the coalition, to be fulfilled maximally. I would also like the progress of Georgia to continue, and the Parliament opposition to fulfill its role as the role of monitoring. My function as the President circles around these things at this point.” – noted the Head of State.

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