The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State delivered a letter by Barrack Obama to the President of Georgia

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State personally delivered a letter by Barrack Obama to the President of Georgia today. The letter emphasized the importance of the held parliamentary elections in Georgia in terms of democratic development of the country.


“Nothing would do more to enshrine the legacy of the Rose Revolution, and to firmly link your country’s future to Europe, than conducting a free and fair election that affirms Georgia’s success as a democratic state.

“With the elections behind you, the world sees that Georgia, under your leadership, has successfully passed this milestone. It is testimony to your commitment to democratic progress, and it will be your enduring legacy. While the electoral outcome was a deep  disappointment to you and your supporters, , the results are representative of the vibrant, competitive democracy that Georgia has become during your tenure.

“Moving forward, Georgia will need your continued leadership in working with the new parliament and the leaders of the Georgian Dream coalition to ensure a smooth transition as a new Government is formed. Together you will have responsibility for charting your country’s continued democratic and economic development. Your public remarks in accepting the electoral verdict demonstrated your commitment to putting the interests of all Georgians first. “ – stated President Obama in his letter.

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