The President of Georgia visited the residents of Batumi

The President of Georgia visited the Makharadze family in the Tamari neighborhood with the Head of the Government of Adjara today. A 5 member family lives in a barrack type house. The President spoke to them about the initiative according to which barracks will be demolished by the end of the year. An agreement, based on which the Makharadzes will have their own house before the end of the year, has already been signed. 219 families that are living in collapsing and barrack type housing will be able to move to social houses of the city hall, which have already been built, by December. The city municipality financed the 10 story building construction with 7.5 million GEL.

Later today, Mikheil Saakashvili visited the Tutarashvili family living on the Saakadze Street. The President spoke to them about one more project which envisions rehabilitation of Batumi infrastructure. According to him, very soon the people living in the swamped areas will have water supply, full gasification, and rehabilitated roads just like central parts of Batumi.

The President’s next stop was the family of Tarieladzes on Pridon Khalvashi Avenue. According to Mikheil Saakashvili, the territory which has already been connected to the city is still considered a suburb. This is why according to the President this place needs to develop more so it can integrate better into the city as a whole. The President stated that this area has the status of an industrial zone, which it will keep in the future. Based on the new program of the Adjara government up to 80 small production facilities will be opened here employing up to 10 thousand local residents. 

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