The President of Georgia inspected renovation works at Khashuri schools

The President of Georgia visited the #1 and #6 public schools in Khashuri today where he inspected rehabilitation works. The Khashuri #1 school, which has existed for over a century, has not been renovated since the last century. The project strengthened the base, rebuilt the collapsed side of the school, as well as replaced the roof, doors and windows. The school was equipped with new academic inventory, desks, and a modern standard sports field in the yard. 83 persons were employed at the construction.

Renovation works are still in progress at the #6 school. They are currently underway on the third floor of the school along with the academic studies. 72 persons are employed at the construction.

Rehabilitation works are currently underway at 22 schools of the Khashuri Region within the scope of the state program.

The President visited Khashuri schools with the Minister of Education and Science.

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