The President of Georgia has begun a visit to South Korea

Mikheil Saakashvili is currently in Seoul, where he will participate in the “Nuclear Security Summit”. The participants of the summit will discuss issues of international cooperation regarding the protection of nuclear weapons from terrorist groups. They will also talk about such issues as cooperation in terms fighting nuclear terrorism and planning operations against it, protecting nuclear weapons and eradicating the trade of nuclear weapons.

The President of Georgia will hold bilateral meetings within the scope of the summit. He is also scheduled to meet with the President of South Korea. The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit is the largest in the world. Leaders of 54 countries, high level delegations, and representatives of international organizations are currently visiting Seoul for this occasion. The Presidents of the United States, Hungary, China, Azerbaijan; the Prime Ministers of Canada, Belgium, Czech Republic, Japan, and Denmark, as well as the King of Jordan and others will participate in the summit.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia –Grigol Vashadze, The Minister of Defense – Bacho Akhalaia, and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources – Aleksandre Khetaguri are accompanying the President on his visit to Seoul.

The first Nuclear Security Summit was held in Washington D.C. in April 2010.

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