The President of Georgia spoke to the students of higher education and profession education about the importance of new projects

The President of Georgia met with college and profession education students today. Mikheil Saakashvili spoke to them about the importance of summer employment as well as the vocational education vouchers. He noted that the Summer Job project envisions giving experience and raising qualification of students in spheres they would like to be employed in when they graduate. According to him, it is extremely important that the students earn money for their rest and education themselves. As of the education vouchers, the President noted that those who desire to participate will received a 1000 GEL voucher from the state to study in vocational schools, which means that education will be more accessible in Georgia.

During the conversation the Head of State also touched on the issue of education and focused attention on the development of technical subjects. As he noted, the future of Georgia is largely dependent on this. He commented that the state is assisting this in every way it can. The President noted that the construction of the Batumi Technological University is serving the same purpose.

During the conversation with students Mikheil Saakashvili also touched on the successfully implemented democratic reforms in the country and spoke about the necessity of bettering the social conditions. The President stated that it is possible to overcome the poverty in the country only through education.

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