The President of Georgia spoke about the reforms implemented in the country at the Maastricht University

The President of Georgia visited the Maastricht University the heads of which specially invited him. The main topic of the address of the Head of State was the political transformation of Georgia and its increasing role in the region. Mikheil Saakashvili spoke about the changes and reforms that took place since 2004, since the day he came to power.

“Radical reforms turned our country from a failed state to the leader of the region. We were almost a failed state before the Rose Revolution, but now we are leading across the world in terms of fighting corruption and openness of our economy” – stated the Head of State while speaking to the audience about the road which the country has travelled to success.

After the address, Mikheil Saakashvili switched to a Q/A format and talked to the students and the heads of the university about the topics they were interested in. The relations between Georgia and the EU, the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, the prospect of beginning negotiations with the United States regarding the Free Trade Agreement, Georgia’s NATO aspirations, and the relations of Georgia and Russia were among the topics of the interest of audience.

The President of the Executive Board of the Maastricht University – Martin Paul personally introduced the President of Georgia to the audience.

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