Mikheil Saakashvili opened a “Classroom of the Future” in the number 5 public school of Akhaltsikhe

The President of Georgia opened a “Classroom of Future” in the number 5 public school of Akhaltsikhe today. He familiarized himself with the new project through the use of a smart board and special monitors in the classroom. Mikheil Saakashvili attended a lesson and spoke with students. Mikheil Saakashvili also inspected the construction process of a housing building next to the school. He promised the Akhaltsikhian students that it would be built, during a previous visit.

“No matter how poor the family of a child is, when that child goes to a school like that he/she will return home with a completely different attitude. Alongside this, I think it is also important to take care of hospitals, because these two projects are interconnected. A person, who studies in such a school and gets medical care at such a hospital will go home with a completely different attitude and will never again be living in poverty. Precisely this kind of education and these kinds of schools are the best way of overcoming poverty” – stated the President of Georgia, and he also commented that because of creating such schools a generation which loves to go to such schools and study will be raised.

The ultramodern technology installed in the classroom gives teachers an opportunity to give an integrated lesson and the special monitors assist in maximum student involvement.

The Akhaltsikhe “Classroom of Future” was installed and equipped by the company “Algorithm.” Similar classrooms are successfully functioning in several public schools in Georgia. During 2012 such classrooms will be opened in all large cities in Georgia and they will be accessible for all students.

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