Mikheil Saakashvili reviewed the infrastructural projects of Kobuleti

The Head of State spoke about the infrastructural projects and the plans for developing Kobuleti. According to him, implementing such projects is important for the region.

“The roads were completely ruined here. After that we started replacing the water and irrigation systems. The boulevard and parks should be rehabilitated beautifully. Several private companies tried to accomplish this, but there are no results. We should now start to make them beautiful. In short, the entire infrastructure will be set in order. We are also building a separate (detour) road which will free up the streets of Kobuleti for the traffic bound to Batumi and the Turkish border. On one hand, people will travel to Batumi and Sarpi faster and on the other hand, Kobuleti will be ready for tourism. This place has not developed as quickly as Batumi, but it will start now. Kobuleti is different in its own way, but it will soon turn into a resort that will definitely make all of us proud.” – stated the President of Georgia.

Mikheil Saakashvili also focused attention on the fact that the development of infrastructure in Kobuleti is important not only because of tourism, but for the employment opportunities for local residents.

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