The President of Georgia attended the International Festival of Khobi


The President of Georgia attended the events of the 5th International Festival of Khobi - "A song about Samegrelo." He also visited the Georgian Folk Music Museum named after Khobian bandmaster - Dzuku Lolua, which has rich themes and a unique archive. The President of Georgia made an entry into the museum guestbook.
Mikheil Saakashvili also attended a concert with Ukrainian, Belarusian, Azeri, Russian and Armenian performers participatingtogether with Georgians.
The President of Georgia even sent a letter to the managers of the festival a few days before its beginning, emphasizing the importance of the event.
"The Festival is acquiring an international meaning, which is a perfect example of popularization of the Georgian culture. It actively serves the interests of our country and contributes significantly to the process of strengthening and unifying Georgia" - was noted in the letter.

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