The President of Georgia opened the National Defense Academy in Gori

Mikheil Saakashvili ceremonially opened the National Defense Academy in Gori today and addressed the heads and the students of the Academy.

The renewed Academy, which has no comparison in the region, is equipped with modern materials and technologies. The complex consists of a library, conference hall, sports hall, housing buildings, indoor and outdoor sports fields, an infirmary and a swimming pool. The lectures will be given by Georgian and foreign professors and instructors.  Housing, medical care, food and uniforms will be provided for the students. Their studies will be completely financed by the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. Exchange programs with world class schools of partner countries are also planned.
The graduates of the Academy will be given a military rank of lieutenant along with their bachelor's degree. They will also be able to continue a 2 year study for a Master's degree level like in other universities.

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