In Batumi the President of Georgia Opened a New Skating Rink in Accordance with Olympic Standards

The President of Georgia attended the opening ceremony of a new skating rink, which is in compliance with Olympic standards. The event began with a theatrical performance by skaters from Batumi and Zugdidi. It featured the famous Georgian ice skater Elene Gedevanishvili, who participated in the Winter Olympic Games and in other international competitions. After the presentation, the President examined the new skating rink with the elder of his two sons Nikoloz Saakashvili, Elene Gedevanishvili and other young skaters.

"Two years ago I promised Elene to build a skating rink which would be in accordance with modern standards - it was her initiative and she was persistent. For this reason the rink should be named after her. The Skating rink is not for our personal enjoyment, as some might think. Most of the children, who have and will use it in the future, have a variety of respiratory diseases; and skating is very healthy and joyful activity as demonstrated by the way that the children from Zugdidi and Tbilisi were dancing.  It also serves as a bright spot in the lives of many IDPs who may have nowhere else to go. More than a thousand children visit this rink regularlyand as we have promised there are future plans to build a skating rink not only here, but also in Zugdidi, as well as Kutiaisi and Tbilisi. On the one hand, a healthy way of life is born for these children while on the other hand, it means that new attractions are being added to Batumi. Previously opened in Batumi is a Culture and Art Center, the Dolphinarium, and an ice stadium ... next summer tourists will arrive and they will be able to see and participate in several engaging attractions in Batumi. These attractions increase the number of tourists and contribute to the growth of jobs and in turn, the economy.  In the past there was little available for those who wished to venture out in inclimate  weather, now they will be able to visit the Dolphinarium, the Culture and Arts Centre where various performances will be planned and watch an ice ballet at the skating rink. This year we have begun construction on a modern stadium envisaged for 30,000 people, which will be the finest not only in Georgia but in all the Caucasus. In brief, brick by brick we are building a country. Thus, we are keeping our promises," - The president of Georgia stated.

Mikheil Saakashvili also recalled the period when Elene Gedevanishvili, who then lived in Moscow, was offered a citizenship status in Russia. It took much courage to refuse this offer, because the consequences could have meant an end to her career. As he mentioned, this petite patriot revealed boldness and strength, she kept her dignity and integrity and achieved success. Mikheil Saakashvili asserted that this is infinitely valued.

The President of Georgia talked with guests who were skating at the rink, amongst them there happened to be a Georgian from Fereyda, Iran. 

This is the second ice skating rink in Batumi which serves as a training and practice center for preparing future skaters.


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