The President of Georgia attended Tamta Liparteliani's funeral


The President of Georgia attended the funerals of Tamta Liparteliani, who was killed in Norway during the terrorist attack. Mikheil Saakashvili went to Kutaisi to attend civil funeral and personally expressed his condolences to the family and relatives of Tamta Liparteliani.  

"It is very hard for me to speak today. Tamta was one of the best among Georgian youngsters. Georgia belongs to our young generation. Today we are burying not only the citizen of Georgia and Kutaisi only, but very significant part of Georgia's future, Georgia's hope and Georgia's present. I have heard so much about Tamta during these days. I have heard how much her parents dreamt about having her, how much they cared despite very heavy living conditions. We all went through 90ies and we know well how difficult it was to keep a family, raise a child and give them education... It is difficult even today for many families. This little star was raised in extremely difficult conditions, she would had started the great way of her live and would had brought fame to her parents and motherland (she however even made some steps), but was driven off this way and left her family, parents and country. I have no idea what would be the justification of the fact that took place in Norway. Parents saw her of to the country, which is considered to be one of the safest countries and many people dream about getting there. I lived in Norway and know how warm, hospitable and good people live there. However it is possible for such a person, who could be called an animal to exist in any nation. This is why we are mourning our loss. Here are some Norwegians and I want to tell them: sure we are mourning what happened in other families, in regards of terminated lives - their hopes were killed in the very start. I cannot say much to make them feel better, because today we all are mourning, but I want to tell Tamta's friends, the citizens of this - my beloved city - Kutaisi, to all of us - live continues and each of you must remember that we had such a beautiful relative, friend, citizen, who had biggest hopes and expectations, that she was very respectable and at the same time hard working young lady. People of this type reach a lot in their lives and Tamta would have reach huge success as well. We must turn her dreams, love toward our country and future plans into the part of our future lives. I want Tamta to continue her live in each of us. Thing is not only that we would never forget about her - sure no one will forget her - but this is not enough, we must live with Tamta's live, with her dreams and love. If we will do it, the live of this little young lady will not pass without leaving traces", Mikheil Saakashvili noted.

The representatives of Kingdom of Norway attended Tamta Liparteliani's funerals as well. They expressed deepest sorrow because of her death and expressed their condolences to her family and to whole Georgia. The Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador of Norway in Georgia stated that Tamta Liparteliani is one of the hero who was killed at Utoya Island and Tamta's family is a part of big Norwegian family. 


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