The President of Georgia attended the oath-giving ceremony of a new Judge of Constitutional Court

The President of Georgia attended the oath giving ceremony of a new Judge of Constitutional Court today in Batumi. TamazTsabutashvili became a member of Constitutional Court by the quota of the President. The President of Georgia addressed Judges at the ceremony and noted that moving the Constitutional Court to Batumi became a successful step. It actually generated an idea of moving Parliament to Kutaisi as well.

"The major lesson for me is that the historic fact of moving the Constitutional Court to Batumi, not only justified this fact, but it showed us the right process of decentralization in absolutely new way. This was an important precondition of that serious decision that concerns the movement of the Parliament in Kutaisi. Georgia is a country all regions of which must be equally represented to the governance of the state, especially at the level of central entity. I changed many professions during my entire career, but unfortunately I will never make it up to Judge. This is an exceptional profession that requires special character, moral and patience", the President of Georgia stated. TamazTsabutashvili changed Joni Khetsuriani at the Constitutional Court. Ten-year term of authority of Joni Ketsuriani had expired. He worked at the Supreme Council of Justice and Prosecutor's Office during years. The Chairman of the Constitutional Court George Papuashvili and the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia David Bakradze attended oath-giving ceremony together with the President of Georgia as well. 

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