The President of Poland Bronislav Komorovski paid Georgia two-day official visit

The President of Poland Bronislav Komorovski paid first official visit to Georgia today. Official welcoming ceremony was held at Batumi piazza, where MikheilSaakashvili welcomed his Polish counterpart together with his wife.

After the ceremony finished the tête-à-tête meeting between the Presidents of Georgia and Poland. The leaders discussed farther deepening of the relations between the two countries and future cooperation plans. The President also discussed the necessity of transferring on a new stage of relations between Georgia and Poland. In particular the issues of deepening economic relations and business cooperation were discussed. Bronislav Komorovski noted that he supports Georgia's integration to Euro-Atlantic structures. Mikheil Saakashvili stressed his attention on the reforms carried out in Georgia. After the tête-à-tête meeting wide format meeting was held between the sides. A memorandum was signed according to which two partner countries will deepen cooperation in culture, sport and educational spheres in 2011-2013.

The Presidents of Georgia and Poland spoke about the details of meeting and noted that it is necessary to farther strengthen relations between the two countries and start cooperation in absolutely different issues at the joint briefing. Mikheil Saakashvili touched the issue of regional policy as well and noted that the relations that Poland establishes with post Soviet countries is of great importance. The President of Georgia stressed his attention on the issue of Belorussia and stated that the isolation of Belorussia is counterproductive and unacceptable.

"We are observing the development of events taking place in Belorussia with great attention. We understand pretty well the challenges that this country faces, but at the same time we know it very well that it is an absurd if we try to prove that Russia is more democratic than Belorussia. Unlike Russia Belorussia doesn't occupy a neighboring country. Carrying out the isolation policy - as it usually happens - is the direct attempt to cease sovereignty of Belorussia and to put the country under a complete control of today's government of Russia. It is unacceptable and counterproductive for Europe's long-term development. This is a very talented European nation and such a result will be harmful for the whole region. I consider that as never before it is necessary to hold a dialogue and openly speak about all those issues that cause the interest and the same time anxiety of all of us", the President of Georgia stated.

Mikehil Saakashvili as well stressed his attention on the traditional and multi-century relations of the two countries.

Bronislav Komorovski, as the President of a country that chairs EU openly expressed his support to Georgia in its integration to Euro-Atlantic structures.

The President of Poland pointed out that it is necessary to transfer relations between two countries on the different stage. It envisages economic and business partnership. The President of Georgia presented a book "Gaumarjos" to his Polish counterpartduring the press conference. The book was published in Poland and reforms carried out in Georgia are described in it. The Presidents of Georgia and Poland opened memorial plague of famous Polish artist Zigmund Valishevski at the façade of a house in which the Polish painter lived in the beginning of 20th century.

Mikheil Saakashvili took his counterpart sightseeing in old Batumi and showed him the sculpture of famous Georgian sculptor Tamar Kvesitadze - "Ali and Nino".

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