The President of Georgia visited Sairme renovated resort

The President of Georgia visited Sairme today on the season opening event today. The President of Georgia saw the construction works that were carried out and spoke to the local population. As he said having rest in renovated Sairme resort will be available for the representatives of every layer of society. He as well noted that this resort is attractive both for the Georgian and foreign tourists. Mikheil Saakashvili as well believes that the development of tourism in this region is a precondition of local population employment.

I have visited this place last year - but it seems it was only yesterday. I felt very bad when I saw how this place looked like. It was impossible to keep it that way, especially when so many tourists come here. The major thing is that people could still come here and not only the people from high layers could come here. People wait for summer right after it is over in order to come back. Also the tourists from neighboring or other countries like Azerbaijan, Israel etc come to visit this resort. Baghdad needs development and all steps taken raise the chance of employment in our country", Mikheil Saakashvili noted.

The population thanked the President and the government that they made it possible to carry out so many changes in the shortest period of time and expressed their hopes that Sairme soon will become one of the most important tourism center all around the world.

"Despite the fact that our country is in extreme hardship and our neighboring country occupies the part of Georgian territory - there is no corruption any longer, the government doesn't steel money any more and everyone work in organized way. The reconstruction is really possible in such conditions. One of the major facts is that three major balneology resorts will revive - Sairme, Borjomi and Tskaltubo. Serious works had started in Borjomi. The water and sewage systems are being changed thoroughly, new hotels are being built. Tskaltubo that seriously started working this year and sanatoriums were constructed will become the international resort of huge importance next year. Adding to this Vejini, Akhtala, Nunisi and many others. There are many such places in Georgia, but three of them will be incredible indeed. Sairme was reconstructed very soon and the reconstruction of other resorts will be carried out in the same tempo", Mikheil Saakashvili stated. Two automobile and three pedestrian roads were constructed within the frames of Sairme rehabilitation and the leaning walls were built around river Kabali on both sides, the square and mineral water facility got renovated; European design lights were installed outside as well. Sewage and water supply system got restored as well. Tourists and local population will get new filtrated water on the new season - new water filtration station adheres to the international standards. After the rehabilitation the profile of hotel "Sairme" changed as well and it can host now 150 guests. In 2013 thermal bathes designed by German specialist will open in Sairme as well.

The President as well visited the newly constructed tourism complex in Vartsikhe as well. It is possible to host 50 tourists as the same time in "Vartsikh Villa". Here are two lakes, a river and a forest. There are all conditions in the tourism complex for the development of agro-tourism. Mikheil Saakashvili spoke with the local personnel as well and stressed his attention on the necessity of the development of such places.  

‘Sairme reconstruction is already over. Various entities move to Kutaisi and makes our economy move. This is a part of economy as well; accordingly it is good for the development of agriculture and industry. Vartsikhe-Villa is almost in Kutaisi and the population there is 210 thousand. This indicator will reach 300 thousand in five years. Kutaisi-Poti-Batumi create a triangle in regards of the number of population that is million. This is why such places are specially important", Mikheil Saakashvili noted.

The new complex is good for foreign tourists as well as family tours. The natural products produced at this territory supply the complex. Vartsikhe-Villa will officially open from tomorrow and will receive first guest as well.

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