President of Georgia Opened New Collegiate Medical Centre


President of Georgia opened new collegiate medical centre near the first hospital. The new multifunctional clinic envisaged for 300 patients meets the international standards and is equipped with modern technologies. It is unprecedented in the whole Transcaucasia. The departments of radiation oncology, emergency aid with 12 beds, 10 operating-tables, and reanimation for 25 people, neurosurgery, general surgery and traumatology also function in the hospital. In the framework of Dialysis Program 50 patients will be able to receive treatment simultaneously. The centre has the staff with high qualifications. Mikheil Saakashvili visited all the departments of the clinic, talked with the medical personal and also, made the statement. 

 "Indeed, important thing has been made. 3-4 years ago no one in Georgia could dream of such kind of hospital. Our 100 - hospital- program turned into the program of 160-170 hospitals. What matters is that Georgians have very talented doctors. Georgian doctors are everywhere around the world. It seems we are already creating the right system, since a lot of doctors are coming back to Georgia. People should be able to receive treatment in their own country. During recent years as a result of the fact that our citizens were cured abroad, too much money, about tens of millions flew from Georgia. Those who either had money or caretaker, used to go to Russia, and now they go to Turkey, Israel and Austria for treatment.

All that must be finished. Doing all the things in Georgia what Austria, Munich and Israel has is very easy. Our doctors are not less talented indeed. Such a hospital with the façade outside and the equipment inside with its doctors could also be in Munich, Israel or the US. All these things were made by the services of talented people. Secondly, what is of utmost importance is that the medical insurance system should be so flexible that everyone has the chance to receive treatment here. The patients with dialyses have no problems since they are involved in the state program. Besides, up to million patients are insured with the best terms. If you are poor living in Georgia, secured by such insurance programs you neither die nor lose anything. I consider it as the main gain of the Rose Revolution. The other important thing now is that the rest 4 million people afford treatment in such high-profile clinics. Then everything will be wonderfully - neither Georgians go abroad for treatment, nor will we regret that we were born in this country.  Living suitably in our state is possible, God will save us and we will have the chance to receive goot treatment here." - The President of Georgia stated.

Mikheil Saakashvili also visited the patients who benefit from dialyses state program. The President got interested in state and conditions and marked that for such patients the state should the maximum of its opportunities.

I remember when there were rows for dialyses. Only when the patients' state would worsen they would pay them attention, but in most cases treatment was already late. It was the case with curing AIDs and other diseases. The state would throw just a few kopecks to them, while corruption was flourishing at their expenses. If you are not able to take care of these patients then no one could call you a state. Indeed, these are the people connected to life channel. Imagine that there exists a program that decides everything for them. When we had no money at all I remember the first thing we said was that if we did not give money to the patients with dialyses we could put our caps and go home." - The President claimed.

Together with the President, representatives from the Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and social Protection attended the opening of new collegiate medical centre.



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