Mikheil Saakashvili officially opened new economic zone of registration

Mikheil Saakashvili visited new economic zone of registration sufficient to contemporary standards in Adlia. It officially got activated today. The President of Georgia got interested of how operative the customs clearance procedure is in new EZR and went through this procedure together with one citizen. The President was satisfied of what he saw and recalled those times when many people used to refuse starting business because of conditions existed at customs.

"I remember I came here with cameras several times and several times without them. We were calling the chief of customs from Tbilisi, we dismissed people at Sarpi, but nothing worked. These terminals were catastrophe here as well, but in Tbilisi the situation was so hard that nobody wanted to do any business.

We will open new very good customs office in Sarpi on May 26. I have traveled a lot when I was a student - in Turkey, Greece and in Europe in general and I have never seen such a beautiful, contemporary and what's most important the most comfortable customs in regards of service. Four year ago I have said that we need young boys with smiling faces and now we have such customs officers. It is great, because earlier going to customs was associated with dirtiness, rudeness and custom's officer was almost condemned by Bible. I think everyone felt relief besides custom's officers and I think we already overcame this problem and it is very important", Mikheil Saakashvili stated.

The President of Georgia addressed EZR staff as well and stressed his attention on the importance of comfort and service quality. Mikheil Saakashvili believes that the simplification of custom's procedures and creation of sufficient conditions for business development is one of the preconditions, what will support the development of country's economy.


"We overcame the major problem - corruption. This is why representatives of many countries wish to be on our place. Though we have adopted a very inflexible, comprehensive, strict system that was intolerant towards any violations. Now our goal is to turn this system into more human and flexible one that will serve concrete people. Our policy should be very mild and flexible to each business. We should not only be honest, but very smart as well. EZR is a very important expression of our new economic course, like the tax code, which we have to learn how to use. We must manage that people leaving Georgia shouldn't only be upset on us, but they should understand that doing business is 100 percent easier in Georgia than in any other country. We must do this in order to invest money here and new enterprises to be generated - to give our people jobs and our country to have much more income. The source of our income is not oil and gas, our income is your intellect, honesty, enthusiasm, flexibility and smiling faces. You represent oil and gas mines for us - you and the intellect of our people in whole. This is why I want to ask you to work well, in order to make people always leave this place satisfied. Lets meet everyone with smiling faces and make them leave with smiling faces as well. Our country must learn how to work with smiling faces and no one would be able to defeat us and compete with us. This is what I want to wish to the revenue service. We don't need many EZRs in Georgia, but we need many satisfied people. I have checked this system personally today and it works well and you should operate it in better way in future", Mikheil Saakashvili stated.


Adlia EZR is stretched on 8 hectares of land and it is possible to serve any number of importers at 7/24. 24 operators serve the importers at one time and the whole clearance procedure takes only one hour here. They have a chance to use service of expert and technical personnel. It is possible to register cargo within five days after the registration.



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