The President of Georgia made a comment regarding a blast that took place in Tkibuli mine in Yerevan

The President of Georgia is on his working visit in Armenia, where he made a comment regarding the tragedy that took place in Tkibuli mine named after Mindeli. He said that the international commission would investigate this fact. The President requires punishing all those high officials, who are responsible for the security at Tkibuli mine named after Mindeli.

"Yesterday a blast took place in Tkibuli mine, one person died and several are wounded. The condition of one wounded is heavy. I was informed about this occasion at 3 AM this morning, as soon as the blast happened. First conclusions were already made and as always I have heard that everything what happened was the fault of that miner, who was working and who is dead now. I remember that exactly the same conclusion was made after the previous blast - the miners were blamed in everything. The Prosecutor's Office investigated the case then and I have information that the blast was not the fault of those people who died, but the result of the criminal actions carried out by the leadership of the mine. The leadership switched the ventilation system off and saved money on the lives of their employees. Later, the supervision service that was obliged to make conclusions on this case. They wrote a conclusion based on principle - "a hand washes another hand". Exactly the way the mine leadership and owners of this business wanted.

I am very sorry that this case didn't come to the logical end, in order to make specific persons pay for their behaviors. Specific people were supposed to be sent to the court and if the court would have decided to the jail. If it happened so, then we might have avoided yesterday's blast. People, who do this directly participate in assassination, and those who hide them are participants of the assassination. It is very good that if Tkibuli works and several thousand people have income this way. But we are not going to pity those persons, who are guilty just because people are afraid to lose their jobs and incomes. The participants and copartners of the assassination must take full responsibility. I declare full distrust to those services that made and published this conclusions regarding the first case. Now we have to task other people to investigate this case and not those who just takes money from the owners of the mine and have no problems in writing thousand foolish things in the conclusion. We must task serious people, among them foreign specialists, we must punished the criminals.

I want to express my condolences to the family of dead person and promise to do everything, in order to avoid such happenings in future because of the criminal actions", the President of Georgia stated.   

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