President of Georgia Opened St. Nikoloz's Church in Batumi

Today the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili opened St. Nikoloz's Church in Batumi.  During the last several months reconstruction works had been taking place in the church that was built in 1865. Just in this church the Catholicos-Patriarch his Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II has been acting. By restorers' decision the church returned back its ancient image and the unique dome destructed during communists' period is also restored.

 "Today Georgia endeavors to stand on a peaceful way. St. Nikoloz is our distinguished protector and will give help to us.  The merit you have put into construction and revetment of this temple will be appraised and helped  by St. Nikoloz ." - Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia noted. Mikheil Saakashvili awarded him with a cross for spiritual honor and love.

 "I would like to express my gratitude and say to you that wherever I go there is always a difficult task to tackle. I am testifying this with the cross that I always bring with me. I want you to know that your spiritual way shines not only on my way, but on our compatriots' scattered around the whole world. Your activity started in this temple. I understood this a year ago and I decided to renovate this temple.

 We are finishing the construction outside the building and soon it will be renovated inside as well. We wish it to become the most beautiful place in Georgia, because our spiritual father started and still continues his activity there. This temple, our nation and local parish is connected by a great spiritual link which is leaded by father Dimitri wisely. He has a wonderful authority. What happens in Batumi in the viewpoint of faith is a real miracle. God will give help to us and we will do our best in order to end up the launched work," - President of Georgia stated.


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