Jerzy Buzek: “Georgia can become a brilliant model of how you moved forward to democratic system”

"We wish stable Georgia that effectively develops. We wish stability in all Southern Caucasus and Georgia can become a brilliant model of how you moved forward to democratic system, free market and how you defend and respect human rights, the rule of law", - by this statement the President of European Parliament Jerzy Buzek introduced the President of Georgia to the members of the European Parliament.

Before Mikheil Saakashvili's 25-minute address Jerzy Buzek spoke extensively about successful reforms that were carried out after the Rose Revolution and ongoing democratic changes. As he pointed out EU and European Parliament consider very important the process of democratization, which includes constitutional, election code, judiciary system reforms and the superiority of human rights. This was the President of European Parliament expressed hope of effective cooperation.

In his speech the special attention was paid to the problem of our country's territorial integrity. He underlined that in May the European Parliament received a special resolution, by which the Members of the Parliament called on Russia to withdraw their forces  from the Georgian territories and to fulfill ceasefire agreement.

After Mikheil Saakashvili's speech the President of European Parliament once again noted that before OSCE Summit the messages delivered by the President of Georgia were very important.

As Jerzy Buzek stated these messages were important not only for Georgia, but for the whole region.  

During his visit to Strasbourg, President Saakashvili had bilateral meeting with the President of European Parliament where Jerzy Buzek once again expressed his support to Georgia.  

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