President of Georgia Set up Building the Monument of Georgian Alphabet in Batumi


Today the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili set up building  of the monument of Georgian alphabet together with the mayor of Tbilisi and the  head of Adjara government in Batumi. The 130metres monument will be set  in a Boulevard and it will have a shape of a tower. The  letters of the Alphabet will be consequently arranged on it. There will be positioned a restaurant, cafes, an observatory and  a TV -studio, which will stand for a mast. During an hour the monument will rotate completely and any  wisher will be able  to sight the views of  Batumi . As the President stated , building the monument of the Mother Tongue will have to  be finished within 5 months.

 " Today we are going to start building the Batumi "Eifel" tower and the builders were given five-months term. Building is being  realized by state and private investments. Building a funicular will be started in Peria Mountain in the upcoming days. The negotiations are being conducted with "Dopelmayer " on establishing a ropeway. As a result, Batumi will have a funicular as well as a mast, where TV-studios, a rotating restaurant will be placed- as it is in the best places of the world. The main idea is this to be the monument of Georgian alphabet.  The Georgian alphabet is our DNK , our genetic code , approximately, the mast will have the image of a genetic code. If you survey more closely, it does not look like any other mast of the world , that is not because there is featured the Georgian alphabet on it. There will be opened a huge monument of Georgian alphabet. Besides, Tbilisi will not be the only place owning a mast and a funicular in Georgia," - President of Georgia stated.

Today the President swam more than 3 km in the warmest sea near Batumi yacht-club. Mikheil Saakashvili compared climatic data of various places, including European resorts  to Batumi via i-Pad. The President mentioned that during 6 months of a year swimming and sunbathing is possible in Adjara. A wisher will be able to have a holiday on winter resorts as well.

 "I checked temperature and humidity on the best resorts of the world in these very moments. Everyone says Batumi is very damp. Now the temperature is 29°C in Batumi, humadity-42°C. There is 22°C, while the humidity reaches to 68°C. in Bodrum - much more than in Batumi. The temperature in Yalta is 18°C and humidity -67°C. In Nice there is 6°C and humidity 53°C.This explains why the occupier is watching our earth with envy and why he wishes to seize it. The place where swimming season continues  for 6 months - from the end of May till November 11 is very rare. You know skating in Mestia is possible even now, by the way during six months one can swim and skate in snow at the same time. Next year we are beginning working and we will have several kilometers length gold -sandy beaches. The nice water we have now is only at the end of July in Nice. But because the sea is much more salty there that burns skin , swimming for a long time is difficult. The Black Sea is less salty. Here near the port is a very clean beach and the Sea is almost never waving,"-Saakashvili stated.



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