The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili visited # 1 Experimental School

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili visited # 1 Experimental School and went to see the facility specially built for first graders. By the initiative of the President this newly constructed facility will be named after Zurab Jhvania.

"This is a very nice building, I remember we decided to build it together. I want to ask you to name this block after Zurab Jhvania. If the modernization happens it is Jhvania's grate share in it. I don't ask you because Zurab was a great friend of mine, but because he has really done a lot to bring modern aspirations into Georgia", Mikheil Saakashvili noted. The President got interested in the teaching process; he attended the lessons of Georgian, Math and English and spoke with children. The President wished to know how much the implementation of new technologies makes the studies easier; specifically, the introduction of the net books that were distributed among first graders in the frames of a pilot-program. He stated that the implementation of net books at schools is very important, because the knowledge of computers and fluent English will support the development of schoolchildren more.

"Some pseudo-scholars have very poor understanding - see how they acquire computer skills! I carry my Ipad with me and when I  looked at it I found out that it was invented in California, but produced in China. we must learn and produce such technology in Georgia. When the children grow up they will themselves invent such things. Everybody, who invented these computers, have become billionaires already. Knowledge, development of new technologies and products and exporting these all to the world market, is the best way of defeating poorness. If you have computer and know a foreign language, the priority falls on English language, you can concur with Chinese and Californians and other people, by your own intellect. These children are raised the way any Californian or Japanese is raised and when they grow up, the competition will be open. Our people are very talented people, but they never had arena to show their intellect. We really were not in the foreground, somewhere really behind. These children are first and foremost. This is the main idea of introducing computers and English into our schools. They are not teaching computes from the first grade even in Chicago, all of this is being implemented only now there. We are ahead - this amount of money haven't been invested even in America. Simply we have to invest money in the field where we can achieve best results", Mikheil Saakashvili stated and added: "I was a five-year-old boy, when I started schooling here. Even in Soviet times innovative technologies were implemented in this school. We were taught by playing methods in first four grades. We had a simplified learning process, we were getting used to freedom. Levan Chikvanaia, who was the Principle of the school in that period gave us crayons in zero grade. We, the pre-revolutionary children had crayons and these children have colored computers - this is the difference. This is why these children will be better then we are. A five-year-old child speaks and writes Georgian and starts writing and speaking English".

A construction of a new block of this building started June 1 and finished on October 4. This is a one storey building, located on 1076 sqm. There are twelve rooms here, among them nine are classrooms. This is a unique building because it is the only public that has a green roof, with greenery, trees and flowers. There are pomegranate, olive and pussy-willow trees on the roof.

After the classrooms the President went on the top of the building and saw the green-covered garden there.  

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