The President of Georgia MikheilSaakashvili met the World Bank representatives

The regional session of World Bank was held in Kobuleti, where the President of Georgia MikheilSaakashvili met the World Bank President and its representatives. The Minister of Finance KakhaBaindurashvili attended the meeting as well. During his speech the President of Georgia spoke about the ongoing reforms in Georgia and pointed out that in maximum 5 or 6 years Georgia must become a country like Dubai or Singapore.

"It is very important that the World Bank started talking about Georgian phenomenon first time. The country that several years ago was out of the list and the forecast for it two years ago was total economic collapse and civil war - survived and is developing very dynamically. I have visited Dubai recently and I want to say without any exaggeration that if Georgia continues developing like it does now, we'll be there, where Dubai is now in five, six, or seven years. On the one hand we are the country, which has incredible poverty... and on the other hand, here is the leading Ukrainian magazine, Georgian youth turns the country into Singapore and Hong Kong' - these are not my words, this is an enthusiastic story about Georgia.

Recently Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister spoke that he wants to come to Georgia in order to learn a lot of things from our experience and reforms. National Movement got 60% of votes in the recent local elections. The major indicator for me was that 80% of youth starting from 18 to 25 support National Movement. It meant that they support our reforms. The poorest part of our society does the same. I am underlining this fact because they saw the best hopes that are reflected from these reforms. It is doubtless that it was a huge social adversity and we never used to fight for the popularity. Popularity is like a currency - once you obtain it and then you spend it in reforms that will bring you results and gives you dividends for the next elections. If you are not elected you must provide the irreversibility of the results any way. I want to tell you that this social transformation touched everyone. There are people who do not like us and do not like our reforms at all. We are in Batumi now that will soon become a city like Singapore and Dubai. We have published brochures where you can find current and future constructions planned in Batumi. But after that we have approved the construction of a 40-story-building. This project will become a real architectural miracle. We have also approved the project of TV tower that will be opened in the end of this year. But there are people who are not satisfied any way. I will tell you one example - last year we were sitting in one of the cafés in Batumi. Some young people were sitting next to us and they were saying that they didn't like Batumi and that they went to Sardinia and Nice for holidays. They have asked me why were we spending so much money on so many silly things, when people are hungry. They weren't hungry; they had nice cars and went to foreign resorts when they wanted. I got interested particularly what was their requirement from the government. After several minutes one of them told me: you have stolen our dignity, what can you say about it? This is a group of people, who used to make money by corruption and they want to get back to this period. Educated people support our reforms. There are people who want to be involved in corruption still and make more money. These people couldn't have adjusted to new lifestyle. But this people are in the majority. The smartest people among this group figured out that they must learn how to live in the new lifestyle. This lifestyle is based on the education, talent and professionalism. The next stage of our reforms is to create modernized system of education, modernization of the society through education. We will appreciate a lot if the World Bank will support our educational reform, because the education must finally defeat the poverty throughout whole Georgia. Today we have opened the program of educated agronomists. We must defeat poverty in villages with this program. Children must start learning computer skills and foreign languages from the first grade. Everything what we do serves people - people must be satisfied and must be confident in themselves", MikheilSaakashvili stated.


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