The President of Georgia presented a new member of Constitutional Court

A new member of Constitutional Court – Todria was appointed in Batumi, the President of Georgia presented him.


“The Constitutional Court of Georgia is a very important state body that is staffed by the highest qualification legal persons. It was a positive step to transfer it to Batumi. If earlier the political parties considered that after waking up they had nothing to do, they attempted to be shown on TV by arranging scandals or cursing them. Now people come here who really need to defend their rights. Their function is to control Executive and Legislative Branches of the Government. They permanently feel that there is justice in Georgia. We are going to transfer the Parliament to Kutaisi. So we get the situation, when we will be able to unite Georgia and not decentralize it, this way every region will feel that they participate in the management of their country.

I want to congratulate Zaza on this occasion, he has a long experience in this sphere, but by classic understanding he is young man. I wish you success”, Mikheil Saakashvili stated.      




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