The President of Georgia made his choice

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili and his wife Sandra Elizabeth Roelofs voted in Mtatsminda district #1, polling station #19. After voting, the President of Georgia made a comment on the ongoing elections.

"First of all, I am glad that this election campaign and Election Day are passing very calmly, without any incidents - some minor violations are observed in all countries - but, in my opinion, this is the best-organized election ever held in Georgia.

It seems that the Central Election Commission has worked very well under conditions of full independence.

I want to note with satisfaction that the absolute majority of political parties have demonstrated much more political maturity. They met more frequently with people... and they spoke about more concrete issues, instead of speaking generally on various issues. 

At the same time, as the chairman of the National Movement I have no doubts and I am sure about the victory of the National Movement in these elections and nobody should get surprised about it. I want to say that the National Movement will keep on winning the elections as long as it is a real movement and does not overgrow into immobility, as long as the country is moving towards the better life.

This movement will not get slower, but after these elections it will get even faster.

These elections should give more confidence to business, much more faith to foreign investors in order to invest more money in Georgia in this difficult business atmosphere, to create more jobs, to change our country for better.

The situation has much changed in the capital since November-December 2007 when we had to take very strict measures against an open attempt of coup and I am sure that Gigi Ugulava and the National Movement will win the elections in the capital. 

Every single village in Georgia is very important for me though. Of course I remember very well that 20 percent of the Georgian territories are under the occupation. People living there have no chance to express their will in a free atmosphere", the President of Georgia stated. 

Mikheil Saakashvili pointed out that the National Movement managed by united efforts to offer effective course to the country and showed the perspective to the society. He said that the distance between opposition and National Movement will decrease a lot, because the significant part of the opposition showed political maturity - like the National Movement they have started meetings with population, (they haven't done this before).

The President of Georgia considers that the major opponent of the leading party is occupation, poverty and hardship among the population. 

"It is our major political opponent. Everybody, who will live in Georgia defending the interests of the Georgian people has perspective in these elections. Only those will not get anything, who openly stand on the foreign platforms - will never be able to learn anything. The majority of political subjects expressed political maturity and I want to congratulate them on this matter", the President of Georgia noted.

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