President Saakaskvili hails education reform successful

President Mikheil Saakashvili commented on the end of the first step of the Unified National Exams and hailed an education reform successful. The President said that the education reform would put an end to the era of corruption, special arrangements and nepotism in the country and would enable people to reach success by their own intelligence and hard work.

President Saakashvili addressed the parents and the supporters gathered outside the examination centers and promised that no-one will discriminate against their children.

President Saakashvili discussed other initiatives of the government of Georgia regarding the education reform stressing that financing of the education sphere will increase and the teachers' salaries will raise significantly .

Mikheil Saakashvili also talked about the program "Deer Leap" which aims at equipping schools all over Georgia with the computers and connecting them to the Internet stressing that implementation of this program will start in September

President Saakashvili initiated a new experimental program and ordered the Ajarian government introduce uniforms at schools. "If this initiative works it may be implemented all over Georgia. It will bring more discipline and social equity," the President said.

"Modernization of the education system is the best chance for Georgia to become a successful and happy country".

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia

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