President Saakashvili visits Mtskheta

On Mtskheta day (the national holiday which celebrates the city's historical significance as the first Georgian capital and the home of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral) President Mikheil Saakashvili visited Mtskheta and Svetistskhoveli Cathedral there on October 14. Afterwards the President visited a repaired police office, expressed his satisfaction with the work done and praised the governor of Mtskheta Mtianeti region, Vasil Maghlaperidze, for good operation. He said that the results achieved in the short period were substantial and the order in the region was established. 
President Saakashvili when interview by the press said that besides the police building two new banks and several playgrounds had been opened in Mtsketa. 

President Saakashvili particularly stressed the fact that on Mtskheta day everyone could enter Mtsketa without any passes. "This is the first Mtskheta day when the MPs enter Mtskheta without any special passes and the rich enter without paying any money. Nobody was privileged and the order was not at all violated," President Saakashvili said. 

President Saakashvili confirmed the information about appointing Aleko Tsintsadze as the governor of Guria region and said that appointing the MPs as the governors had proved successful.

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