President Saakashvili opens free canteen

President Mikheil Saakashvili visited Varketili district on November 5 and opened a free canteen for vulnerable people, which will serve 100 people every day. Opening of the canteen was initiated and funded by the National Movement Party. 
"Everybody should encourage the initiative of the National Movement Party to open free canteens all over Georgia. The National Movement Party lacks funds and I would like to address everybody, who is able to help, support us so that there was not a single hungry man in Georgia. There are lots of problems in Georgia but one of the main problems - the hunger, must no longer exist. The whole society must mobilize to solve this problem. These days I am meeting with the businessmen and rich people and if 100 businessmen support this activity by donating even 10 lari each there would not be a single starving man in Georgia. We are also going to ask the representatives of the middle business to support this initiative" President Saakashvili said.

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia

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