President Saakashvili visits Japan

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili today travelled to Japan for a three-day official visit He began the visit by meeting legendary Japanese Judo champions Yasuhiro Yamashita and Antonio Inoki, whom he invited to visit Georgia. The Georgian delegation included veteran Georgian Judo competitor Shota Chochishvili, who named his son after Yamashita. During the visit Chochishvili was able to see his friend and former rival Inoki for the first time since he defeated Inoki in 1992. Inoki, meanwhile, made a special trip from the United States, where he has lived for a number of years, in order to meet Chochishvili and the Georgian leader. 
"The meeting with Japanese and Georgian Judo legends was the best way to start this visit. We are very proud of Shota Chochichvili. He is a legendary athlete and champion. Also legendary is the friendship between our countries," President Saakashvili said at the meeting with Inoki and Chochishvili. 

Later on, President Saakashvili will meet high-level Japanese officials, including the prime minister. 

He will return to Georgia on 11 March.

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