President Mikheil Saakashvili attends presentation of new 200-lari banknote

A presentation has been held at the National Bank of Georgia for new 200-lari banknotes, which will enter into circulation in two weeks' time. 
One side depicts Georgian national hero Kakutsa Choloqashvili, who led an anti-Bolshevik revolt in the early 1920s, while the other shows a panorama of Sukhumi. The banknote also features relief images of several important Georgian cultural monuments. 

President Mikheil Saakashvili, who was in attendance at the presentation, assessed the new banknote as a symbol of Georgia's freedom and unification. 

"The images on this banknote are of great symbolic meaning and importance. Kakutsa Choloqashvili is a symbol of our country's battle against the Bolsheviks to preserve its independence. I want to emphasize the fact that he headed a multiethnic group in which Georgians, Ossetians, Azeris and Armenians fought side by side. They fought together for Georgia's independence," Saakashvili said.


Press Office
of the President of Georgia

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