Acting president Burjanadze meets emergency medical care doctors

Georgia's acting president Nino Burjanadze and the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs met employees of 003 emergency medical care. "I would like to thank you for doing your job with devotion, in a qualified manner in every situation, especially in the last years, regardless of your emotions and feelings, views and opinions. You do really have an honorable mission," said Nino Burjanadze.

Major issues related to the emergency medical care, changes in this sphere, and future plans had been discussed at the meeting.

Government officials stressed that at the beginning of the next year, 003 would be relocated in a new, well-equipped building. By the end of 2007 emergency care vehicles will be fully equipped. It had been noted at the meeting that salaries of the emergency medical care employees will increase on permanent basis.

Acting president stated that the establishment of a free emergency medical care was a right step made by the government. She said that the free emergency care will not be abolished until the health insurance system was enhanced.

"I consider the establishment of a free emergency medical care to be a very important step made by the government. I'm happy that we have jointly managed to support socially vulnerable people," Nino Burjanadze said.

003 technical personnel stated that the solution of a communication system was of significant importance as it had facilitated the timely connection of people with the emergency care.

Issues that have to be resolved in the near future, as well as the necessity of putting in order the numeration of buildings, and homeless people had been discussed at the meeting.

The Minister of Labor, Health and Social Affairs talked about doctors' certification system and claimed that this system will soon be simplified. It had been also noted at the meeting that manuals for the medical personnel was virtually finished.

"We will make every effort to ensure that you have appropriate working conditions. We will try to finalize every reform that had been launched. In peaceful environment we will do this much more effectively. It is important that the country resorted to a usual, normal political regime so that we could focus our attention on certain issues is different fields," said Nino Burjanadze.

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