Nino Burjanadze named politician of the year

In Marriott Courtyard a news agency GHN and a consulting group GCG jointly held today an awarding ceremony the Golden Parchment - 2007. As a winner in the nomination - the Politician of the Year - acting president Nino Burjanadze was awarded the Golden Parchment. She was evaluated based on the following attributes: well-balanced, a woman of principle, intelligent and constructive.

"I would like to thank everyone who had named me as a best politician of 2007. This is really a pleasant surprise, especially at a time when there is a politically strained situation and a pre-election period in the country. I hope that we will cope with every difficulty with dignity and will prove to the whole world that Georgia is on the right path of democratic development. Also, I hope that I will justify expectations of those respondents who had named me as a politician of the year, in the following years," said Nino Burjanadze at the awarding ceremony.

To identify the winners in 14 nominations, the consultation group and the news agency polled 3225 respondents all over Georgia.

Press Office
of the President of Georgia

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