The President of Georgia makes comment on the upcoming parliamentary elections

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili made a comment on the upcoming parliamentary elections today during his visit in Kakheti region and noted that various political groups try to spoil the elections that are planned to be hold in spring. The President said that the government tried to hold a dialogue with the opposition many times, but for some reasons - because of internal disagreements and hesitation, was not able to hold the dialogue all the way to the end. The President of Georgia proposes a new initiative - to create inter-fraction groups and advises the representatives of the opposition to start preparing to hold the transparent elections. The President believes that this way elections will be held transparently and great number of observers will get involved in it.

"I want to say it very clearly, I have done practically everything, I have offered many things to various political parties in order to satisfy everybody and to hold elections in a normal atmosphere. We have agreed on some issues, but on some issues, unfortunately, for some reasons - because of internal disagreements and hesitation, or maybe because of willingness to fuel tensions - many of them refused to accept. As I see it, one radical part of the opposition simply wants to spoil the elections. The Georgian people said in the January 5 plebiscite that they wanted elections in spring. We will certainly fulfill the will of the Georgian people, the elections will be held in spring, the Georgian people will elect the authorities and the parliament, which will serve the people. Everybody should know that this would be very clear and transparent elections. I call on all groups and parties to set up inter-faction groups, to work together over arrangement of commissions in order to make everything transparent, to invite great number of observers and, what is the most important, not to lose even one vote of the Georgian people.

There are also conversations about television... Of course, all TV stations should resume broadcasting. I am absolutely sure that all televisions, including Imedi TV will be reopened. Most important is that everything will be done in frames of democracy and freedom. Nobody will ever be able to resist or change it. Everything will be done, as the people want it. Nobody should have any illusions in this respect.

We will continue working. We are working over everyday problems of our society and we will settle these problems", stated the President of Georgia.

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