The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met the experts and the NGO representatives

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili met the experts and the NGO representatives today.

During this meeting he stated that a free economic zone must be created in Ochamchire and Gali. Saakashvili offers de-facto Abkhazian government to exploit empty territories and is sure that economic development of Abkhazia is impossible without Georgia. According to his statement, Sokhumi airport will not open without the authorization of the Georgian government. He also said that there is only one percent of cement needed for the construction of facilities needed for Olympic games.

Mikheil Saakashvili spoke on the plans of Russia that envisages the settlement of 50 000 people in Abkhazia. The President considers that in this case Abkhazians will again be found in the minority.

The President of Georgia noted that 500 000 people left Abkhazia in the result of conflict. He said that only 80 000 people live in Abkhazia at this moment and 20 000 of them live in Sokhumi. He called the events in Abkhazia one of the most immoral and forgotten ethnic cleansing of the 20th century.

"No one will ever be able to cut Abkhazia from Georgia", he noted and added "Abkhazia is the heart of Georgia and its transplantation will never happen".

The territories that are often advertised on Eurosport channel and Russian TV companies, are mined - states the President of Georgia and warns those who wish to spend their vacations in Abkhazia, that the channels that advertise these commercials invite children to find death in Abkhazia.

The President warns those foreign companies that are planning to buy property in Abkhazia - "there will be no cases of legalizing the property!"

"Everyone should understand one thing - no one will ever be able to cut Abkhazia from Georgia - neither by trying to terminate Georgia's aspirations toward NATO, nor by means of blackmailing or any other arguments. No one should have even a bit of illusion. This is a dangerous game in Caucasus. The generations have changed, the governments changed as well, but this will never happen. Until Georgia exists, Abkhazia will never be out of Georgia's borders. The legalization of tearing Georgia into pieces, means burying the statehood of Georgia and killing Georgia as one whole country", stated the President of Georgia.

Mikheil Saakashvili offered Abkhaz side the post of Vice-President and a guaranteed the representation in all the central bodies. "They will be given the right of the veto on important issues, among them the constitutional status".

He offered de-facto government of Abkhazia to renew negotiations immediately.

"Otherwise, we and Abkhazians, the entire Georgia, including Abkhazians will face an obscure and risky future. We should do our best to ensure that the interests of this little nation do not become a victim of the great geopolitical game, as well as to avoid that the issue of its physical, spiritual and cultural existence is questioned," stated the President.

The President of Georgia expressed his hope that at least the discussion on the above mentioned issues would start soon.

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