The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili attended the presentation of the new company

The President of Georgia attended the presentation of the new company "Kalakapital". This company was founded by famous Georgian soccer player Kakha Kaladze. Mikheil Saakashvili said that it is an achievement of the country, that successful people invest their capital into their homeland and create new businesses.

"In spite of the world economic crisis, Georgia remains to be the leader of the investment processes. You all know that only during the first tree months of current year 500 million investments was brought to Georgia. Last year it was almost one billion. I am positive, that the number of investments this year will be the highest. The people that gathered here today have great experience and good reputation to attract investments. I wish Kakhi Kaladze great success. Soccer is not a permanent profession, but I still wish him success in sports as well. The main thing is that Georgians return to Georgia and contribute in the development process of our country. Kakhi's will spend his energy and finances in his homeland, this is what we all have to do", stated the President of Georgia.

Kakhi Kaladze's company will have three main directions. It will involve banking sector, real estate and energy sector.

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