An international business-conference was held in Kutaisi

An international business-conference took place in Kutaisi today. Foreign and Georgian businessman and the President of Georgia attended this conference, he addressed the population - "Kutaisi must return its old beauty and attractiveness and it has to become one of the main fundaments of our country", stated the President of Georgia. Georgian and foreign businessmen participate in Kutaisi rehabilitation-development plan - for example Georgian shoe designer Tata Vardanashvili obtained cheap credit and she will open shoe factory in Kutaisi. The founder of "Center Point" construction company Maia Rcheulishvili is going to develop a hotel net in Kutaisi. It is planned to employ 18 000 people within the frames of Kutaisi fast development program.

"Turning Kutaisi into the one very important industrial, tourist, cultural and administrative center, as it was said correctly - Kutaisi soon will be turned into the second capital of Georgia, is a matter of our prestige, ambitions, dreams and many specific plans. We will be able to reach success only by our partnership - business and government partnership. Our ambition to turn Kutaisi into the full employment city is our ambition. There are many very educated, well-qualified engineers and different sphere specialists. Here live people who are eager to work and can work. We need to use their potential. What will the state do for Kutaisi and what can you do for it? We are going to construct highway, which will connect Kutaisi to the airport like Poti and other Georgian black sea regions. This will be the extension of that big highway which we will be leading till Rikoti. This was about road infrastructure. Another issue is connected to Kutaisi accommodation. We are carrying out a grand project, according to which Kutaisi will get 24 hour running water. This is a mission, which was impossible to fulfill for communists during tens of years. They created an industrial center first and then started to think where they could bring water from. Kutaisi and Tskaltubo will have 24 hour running water. Gasification is going on in Kutaisi and in whole Imereti region. We will have much better conditions this way as well. We and business-representatives went to Signagi together and you know that a lot was done there. We went to Batumi and were able to succeed a lot. We are carrying out project in Tbilisi and we will carry out a project in Abkhazia by all means. We need to create Kutaisi economic wonder - the second capital of Georgia will become a firm economic basis for each citizen. This is our outline and is not only a plan - we will fulfill our promises", stated the President of Georgia.

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