The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili continues offering the positions to the opposition in the government

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili still offers positions to opposition in the Georgian government. He said that during the press conference held in Stockholm. As he has mentioned changes are characteristic to the democracy. He said that it's normal when the opposition is not voting for the government in terms of democracy.

"We have always offered the opposition to become governments members. If they wish, this proposal is still in force. It the opposition parties state in the Parliament that they are ready to join the government, we will appoint them on the different position", stated the President and added that despite their decision, their work on democratic reforms will continue together with the opposition, among them within the parliament.

"We are ready to share responsibility with them on country's development, to share posts in the cabinet of ministers during upcoming years, create the national government of shared political platform, where the opposition will be widely presented. If the opposition has no will at this stage, we will approve the government, which was presented by the new Prime Minister.

He asked for some probationary time for cabinet members and to make conclusions after that period. I think that he was right not to dismiss the entire cabinet from the very beginning, because he is a newcomer and he has to see who is appropriate and who is not", stated the President.

Communications Office
of the President of Georgia

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