The President of Georgia visited the victim of the November 7 protest manifestation George Sherazadashvili

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili visited the victim of last year's protest manifestation George Sherazadashvili.

As the President noted during the conversation with George Sherazadashvili November 7 gave a big lesson to personally him and to the government of Georgia. He once again underlined that the problems must be solved through the dialogue and not in the street.

We have all learnt big lessons from the November 7 events; including personally me and the government as well. What the November 7 has taught us is that all the issues should be resolved not in the streets, but in the Parliament, court; through dialogue and mutual understanding and not through mutual swearing and fighting. One thing we all learned is that the result is reached by stabilization, calmness, unity and consolidation only.

The fact that Tbilisi stood as one in the face of huge attack of the enemy on Georgia - hundreds of thousands of people stood in the street under the falling bombs - is the result of a dialogue and consolidation of the people. The stability will be maintained if there is a dialogue with each other and if we develop democracy and through this Georgia will get rid of occupants. If we start fighting with one another like we did last year that was a bitter day and lesson for me, than no one will stand beside us practically. If we are not able to speak to one another no one will stand beside us, our economy will not develop and everyone will make fun of us. Last year's November 7 was a very difficult day. I am glad to see you are healthy:, stated the President of Georgia.

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