The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili held Security Council Session in an extended format

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili held Security Council Session in an extended format and came up with an initiative of holding such sessions regularly. Parliamentary and Non-Parliamentary opposition gathered there with the government to discuss the most important issues for the country.

At the beginning of the meeting the President noted that such meetings shouldn't have a formal meaning. He thanked the representatives of the opposition that found strength to come out with a joint position in the most important issues for the country.

"We start the Security Counsel Sessions in an extended format. We will fulfill our promise these meetings will have a regular character and we will invite here larger audience of the political spectrum. I don't wish these meetings to be formal to be done for TV cameras. I wish to be united by the love of our homeland", stated Mikheil Saakashvili.

The President said that in spite of different political views and visions of the development of our country both the opposition and the government have a common position in the issue of defending our homeland and in our fight against the enemy.

"In spite of very different political ideas about the perspectives of our country, of the country's political and economic future, we are united in our love for our country and in the fight against our enemy and the consensus on the most important issues we welcome everyone who found strength in these issues above the ambitions and we also welcome the fact that every party presented here quite clearly noted for months running, that a dialogue between political parties and the government and the discussion of various issues is the way by means of which we will be able to solve the most critical problems.

Deriving from the interests of our country we have no closed issues for you. The government and the Chairman of the Parliament attend this meeting here. The material will be presented to the Security Counsel members, you, the leaders of political parties. We will listen to your ideas with pleasure, connected with most important issues on the development of our country - be its security, de-occupation of Georgia or the perspectives of our future development", noted the President of Georgia.

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