Mikheil Saakashvili made the first comment on the changes within the cadre policy of the government

Mikheil Saakashvili made the first comment on the changes within the cadre policy of the government. The Presdient of Geogia said that Lasha Zhvania is not a cadre to be lost. Everyone should continue his work where he would do useful job for our country. This statement was made by the President of Georgia when he spoke about the dismissal of the Minister of Economy.

"Cadre stability doesn't mean inactivity. Lasha Zhvania is my fiend. He is a very talented and gifted person. He is not a cadre to be lost. Though the Prime Minister has full autonomy in his decisions, mostly regarding economy. Diversity of thoughts is a natural process. But of course it is much better when we do not have to choose one person out of two", stated the President of Georgia.

He said that government was able to handle world economic crisis and the country is coming out of this process with less damage. But the President noted at the same time that teamwork and coordination is necessary.

"Georgian government has my support and the support of the major part of our society. I met Nick Gilauri today and I am going to meet Lasha Zhvania in the nearest future and we have to continue our work where it will be more useful for our country", stated Mikheil Saakashvili.

He pointed out that there are many shortcomings and it is necessary to react accordingly in order to solve problems.

"I want to once again say that we do not have cadres to lose. If anyone does its job well we have to thank him, in order to solve problems we have to speak loudly", stated the President.

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