Letter from The Circassian Culture and Human Rights Center

The Circassian Culture and Human Rights Center,

Riga, Latvia.

The Honorable Mikheil Saakashvili,

The President of the Republic of Georgia

30, September, 2013

Dear Mr. President Mikheil Saakashvili,

The Circassian Culture and Human Rights Center (CCAHRC) founded in Riga, Latvia by Diaspora

Circassians to address the vital Circassian issues that need to be tackled and to be exposed to the world, is

honored to write to you and to mark your initial positions of dealing with different issues in Georgia in

particular and the Caucasus in general.

We are pleased to thank you for the content of your speech based on values and principles, given by your

good self in the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York City on the 25th of September, 2013,

which listed many achievements, lessons and influences that affected the Caucasus, and imposed

fingerprints and effects on its nations and peoples.

Your contribution as the President of the great Georgian People to launch projects reinforcing “people-to

people contacts between the North and South Caucasus”, had paved the way and allowed prospects of

coordination and cooperation between the nations of the Caucasus; that was crowned by holding the

Tbilisi first Circassian conference in March of 2010 in the title of “Hidden Nations, Enduring Crimes: The

Circassians & the Peoples of the North Caucasus Between Past and Future”, which was followed by

blessed subsequent steps, conferences, meetings and projects, that were interspersed by recognition of the

Circassian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing waged against the Circassian nation by Tsarist Russia in the

19th century, and establishing a monument in Anaklia on the black Sea for memorizing the victims who

perished or were deported after a long and fierce war.

Mentioning that the “Georgian Parliament has recognized [in May, 2011] genocide of Circassian people –

one of the most unknown and tragic pages of history of the world, when the whole nation was wiped out

because their land was needed by the Russian Empire”, is unprecedented precedence that has occurred

the first time ever in the General Assembly of the United Nations, and that necessitates respect and praise

toward the respected sovereign nation of Georgia.

Thank you for giving the appropriate priorities for the Caucasus issues with our hope of success and

prosperity for the great people of Georgia.

Most respectfully,

Muhammad Loub,

Managing Director.

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