Statement by the Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia



You are aware that the President of Georgia made a statement on August 19, 2013 related to pardoning every prisoner with a conditional sentence and every person with a criminal record. Up to 18000 persons have replied to this statement until now to request a pardon from the side of the President of Georgia.

The President of Georgia has already signed a decree related to pardoning these persons, which is being sent to relevant government bodies as we speak and these structures are obligated to execute this act right away.

We hope they will do everything in order to execute this decree of the President in the shortest amount of time because future of tens of thousands of families is dependent on it.

Additionally, we once again explain that the act sets a limit on crimes against life, sexual freedom, the state, and other specific, especially grave crimes.

I would also like to address the citizens who requested a pardon from the President of Georgia.

Tomorrow, on October 3, beginning at 10 am the Administration of the President of Georgia will provide distribution of individual extracts from the above mentioned decree. Considering the fact that this act contains personal information on specific people, we ask the pardoned persons to arrive at the administration of the President of Georgia and bring their identification documents.

Please note that the Administration of the President of Georgia will not distribute extracts if each person does not arrive personally or send a designated person.

Additionally, we inform you that application process for pardoning will keep going on simultaneously with this process.

We would also like the probationers’ attention to focus on the fact that the National Probation Agency may need certain time in order to work on the act. This is why in order to avoid uncertainty, it would be logical for probationers to consult the agency and inform them about the President’s decision regarding their case.

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