Statement by the Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia


The Head of the Administration of the President of Georgia is blaming the government in an attempt to influence the judicial system.  According to Andro Barnovi, callings regarding the fact that the judicial system must return to before 2005 status quo are unacceptable.

“As you know, persons directly and indirectly affiliated with the government were rallying at the Supreme Court today, it was mentioned what the real reason of the rally seems to be.

Namely, I am talking about the call according to which, apparently, the judicial system must return to the status quo it had prior to 2005, and to reinstate all the judges who were fired at that time.

We would like to state very clearly that this is an open pressure on the judiciary. This is an open attempt on handling it and returning it to the 90s, an attempt of bringing back unprofessionalism and corruption to the courts.

We would like to express outrage regarding the fact that our new government is trying to waste all the positive results that the country and our society achieved in conditions of the previous government.

We spoke many times about the fact that holding free elections in October 2012 gave a new energy and a push to many reforms, which began during the governance of the United National Movement.

Independence and professionalism of the courts is one of such reforms, and we will not allow the current government to diminish the success of this reform.

Today the current government and its supporters are trying to pressure the courts and influence the cases which are politically important to them.

At the same time the court’s independence is more real than ever.

This is why we will protect independence of the judiciary to the very end and not allow anyone to seize it” – stated Andro Barnovi.

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