The President of Georgia visited Lieutenant Colonel Alexandre Tugushi


The President of Georgia visited Lieutenant Colonel Alexandre Tugushi, who is currently living in a garage. Alexandre Tugushi was a victim of a mine explosion on December 8, 2011 in the Helmand Province Village, Duab, and while on an infantry patrol he lost both of his legs. The Lieutenant Colonel returned to Tbilisi a few days ago after undergoing a one year medical care course, and he must live in a garage as a result of not having a home.

By decision of the President of Georgia a decree by the Commander in Chief will be given to the Ministry of Defense regarding reinstatement of Lieutenant Colonel Alexandre Tugushin in the military service. Also, the President will address the Mayor of Tbilisi to accommodate the military servant, who fought in the Russian-Georgian war of August and Afghanistan operation, with living quarters.

Later today the President of Georgia decorated Alexandre Tugushi with one of the highest state awards the Victory Order of State George and named him a symbol of a soul’s integrity. The Head of State ordered the Minister of Defense to deal with issues related to problems of wounded soldiers.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexandre Tugushi possesses 19 awards and decorations since 2004:

Medal “For Knightly Bravery” (Kosovo, 2004)

NATO Medal for Participating in the Kosovo Peacekeeping Mission (2004)

Medal of Honor by the United States Army (Iraq, 2006)

American Medal Bronze Star (Iraq, 2008)

3rd Degree Order of Vakhtang Gorgasali (Russian-Georgian War, 2008)

Medal for 5 years of Stellar Service (2008)

Medal of General Kvinitadze (2009)

Medal “Devoted to Homeland” (2009)

Medal for 10 years of Stellar Service (2009)

Medal of Kakutsa Cholokashvili (2010)

NATO Medal for Operations Administered in Afghanistan (2010)

Medal for Participation in Peacekeeping Missions (2011)

2nd Degree Vakhtang Gorgasali Order (2011)

Medal of General Mazniashvili (2011)

1st Degree Order of Vakhtang Gorgasali (2012)

United States Bronze Star Military Medal (for participating in Afghanistan 1st Mission, 2012)

Medal for a War Wound (Afghanistan, 2012)

Medal for Military Merit (2012)

Medal for a 15 year Stellar Work (2013)


Alexandre Tugushi received a weapon –a Glock pistol as an award (2010)

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