The President of Georgia met with the Governor of New Jersey

The President of Georgia met with the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie within the scope of his visit to the United States. As one of the leading reformers, Chris Christie spoke about the importance and necessity of reforms that took place in Georgia and the democratic progress. The discussion also touched on the ongoing political events in the country, foreign policy and the common democratic values that connect Georgia with its strategic partners.

“We must see who is the elite of tomorrow in the United States because Georgia will not always be in the difficult conditions as it found itself in the recent period. Of course we must always be looking forward and seeing the generation of tomorrow’s leaders. This is why we meet representatives of both Republicans and Democrats, who are going to assume power in this country after 2016. We are preparing for the future. Georgia must not only not disappear from the radar of the United States and the West, but on the contrary, we must set our roots very deep and strengthen support towards us. One of the most important things about Christie is that he is one of the main reformers, and in this country Georgia is a brand related to reforms.” – stated Mikheil Saakasvhili.

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