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The Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton held talks in Batumi.

The Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton held talks on Tuesday, June 5th in Batumi.

They commemorated the 20 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Georgia and reviewed all the topics covered by the Charter for Strategic Partnership uniting both nations, from security to democracy, economy and people-to-people contact.

Georgian President thanked Secretary Clinton for the US support to the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Georgia, its euroatlantic aspiration and the clear american condemnation of the illegal Russian occupation of 20% of Georgian territory.

President Saakashvili and Secretary Clinton discussed the way to enhance the security cooperation between the two nations, especially the new steps taken in order to strengthen Georgian self-defense capabilities and modernize Georgian armed forces.  

They agreed that upcoming Parliamentarian elections in October will be decisive in order to make the democratic achievements irreversible in Georgia.

More generally, they expressed their satisfaction about the active cooperation of both nations in the fields of political, institutional and social reforms.

President Saakashvili thanked Secretary Clinton for the quick American response to the Georgian request of international observation missions before and during upcoming elections and expressed his gratitude for the work done by US organizations in Georgia in order to strengthen institutions and civil society.

Secretary Clinton stressed the importance of the recent start of the high level dialogue on economic cooperation, with the perspective of a Free Trade Agreement between both nations. She praised Georgian economic performances and role as a model in the fight against corruption and public service reforms.

Secretary Clinton expressed her support to the Georgian government policies towards minorities and its engagement strategy towards the Georgian citizens leaving in the occupied territories. She announced that the US is ready to recognize the Status Neutral Documents for the inhabitants of these territories.

The President and the Secretary of State expressed also the need for a continuous effort in Afghanistan. The Secretary of State thanked the Georgian President for the country’s major contribution to the ISAF.

President Saakashvili thanked her for the US Administration role in the run up to and during the Chicago NATO summit. Secretary reiterated the US firm support for Georgian integration into the North Atlantic Alliance.

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