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Mikheil Saakashvili held bilateral meetings with the President of Bulgaria and the Prime Minister of Denmark

The President of Georgia held a bilateral meeting with the President of Bulgaria Rosen Pnevneliev and the Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Deepening relations among the countries and issues of Euro-integration of Georgia were among the most important topics of discussion. According to Rosen Plevneliev, Bulgaria supports Georgia’s NATO aspiration and welcomes the efforts of the country in terms of implementing democratic reforms.

“We share great friendship and common values with our friends in Georgia. We agreed that soon I will be visiting Georgia. I also invited the President of Georgia to be our special guest in Bulgaria. Our prime minister was just recently visiting the country and we are very optimistic. There are so many rings which are connecting us and our future is common. We will support the European Union membership and the NATO membership. We are there as a reliable and a good partner and we wish success to our friends in Georgia. I think today we can also be very honest to people in Georgia and tell them good news. The one is that at least based on the information I have, the next summit will definitely be an enlargement summit. This is what we already agreed on. It is on the agenda. In two years, the next summit will have a very high probability of being an enlargement summit. And the second point, I have to make it very clear that your country is fulfilling all the criteria, is effective and is reliable. We go together to Afghanistan; we are parts of a family. We welcome you and we’ll do whatever is necessary in Bulgaria.” – stated the President of Bulgaria.

The Prime Minister of Denmark also expressed support towards Georgia. As she noted, Georgia is a realistic candidate of NATO membership and spoke to the President about the progress reached in this regard.

“The meeting was very productive. We spoke about Georgia’s integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures. We welcome the progress which is noticeable in this direction. I think the next summit will be very important for Georgia. We all have information about the success reached in the country. Georgia is a real candidate of NATO membership” - noted Helle Thorning-Schmidt while talking to Mikheil Saakashvili.

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