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The President of Georgia held a meeting with the leader of South Korea

<p>Mikheil Saakashvili held a meeting with the President of South Korea, during which the sides discussed the future relationship of the two countries. Lee Myung-Bak expressed firm support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. The sides also noted that the relations of the two countries shall deepen in terms of economic-trade as well as agriculture, education, healthcare and energy. During the meeting it was also planned to establish direct flights between Tbilisi and Seoul. The President of Georgia stated that the relations of the two countries are moving to a new step. During the discussion, the Presidents touched on the reforms implemented in Georgia. The Head of the South Korean state stressed that Georgia is a country which is unique in terms of a non-corrupt environment, transparency, and results of the reforms in the entire region.</p> <p>&ldquo;I would like to note that it is an incredibly hospitable country. I think there is a lot of similarity between us. You are very warm, sophisticated, and hospitable people. These similarities show us well how it is possible to develop a democracy, economy, and society in the conditions of threats and pressures. We are a country which is developing rapidly. The economic indicators almost tripled since I have been the President. &nbsp;We have lowered the poverty rate from 52 to 18%. We need more South Korean representation in Georgia. I met with businessmen yesterday, and they too think that direct flights should be established between Tbilisi and Seoul&rdquo; &ndash; stated the President of Georgia.</p> <p>The sides also spoke about the importance of the Nuclear Security Summit held in Seoul and the progress reached since the first Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in 2010. The leaders summarized the results of the summit and called it a success. They set the course of the prospects of cooperation of the two countries in this direction as well. According to Lee Myung-Bak, Georgia has an important role as a country connecting Europe and Asia for the region and for South Korea.</p> <p>&ldquo;Mr. President, this is your first visit to our country and it will be a very important start in terms of deepening our relations. We have a very good impression about your country and your people. As I noted before, our conditions are similar &ndash; we both have large countries around us. This is probably why the South Koreans have a positive attitude towards Georgians. So, we can share a lot of things with each other. The fact that you now have an ambassador in South Korea will bring our countries even closer&rdquo; &ndash; noted Lee Myung-Bak.</p> <p>The President of Georgia also met with the representatives of business in South Korea. It was planned to begin specific projects within the scope of the meeting. South Korean investors will implement two energy projects in Georgia and build several hotels. Aside from this, projects will be implemented in the spheres of healthcare, sport, and education. As the President noted, South Korean business will invest several hundred million USD in Georgia, which will create additional jobs. It was also decided that South Korean specialists will arrive in Georgia in order to research opportunities locally. An embassy of South Korea will be opened in Tbilisi.</p>

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